Who we Are

The Liquor Coffee Store is a lounge that blends modern and rustic. Where guests can grab coffee during the day, a drink at night, or even vice versa, we don’t judge.
Located in the middle of Beirut’s Hamra, at the LCS, we promise an experience unlike any other.
Free wifi, popcorn, pet friendly, green, where the water is free, and the liquor is clean. We never close and we’re never reserved.

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There are two things we can't live without

Coffee and Liquor.

Where are we?

The Liquor Coffee Store Presents

Upcoming Salutations

Whiskey Wednesdays

Mood Consultant Yara
Every Wednsday, 12:00Pm - 5:00Am
Beirut, Hamra, The Liquor Coffee Store

Every Wednesday, get a discounted rate on the following whiskey in the LCS: ⁣
Haig 6,000 LL     Red Label 7,000 LL
Black Label 10,000 LL     Jameson 9,000 LL
Bulleit Bourbon 15,000 LL     Singleton 12 12,000 LL
J&B Regular 8,000 LL     J&B Reserve 12,000 LL
Whiskey Cocktail 10,000 LL     Premium Whiskey Cocktail 15,000 LL
Buy your bottle and enjoy it in store for a package fee of 30,000 LL discounted down from 50,000 LL! Mixers and service on us!⁣ Wednesday also means rock & jazz night! ⁣ We're looking forward to seeing you there!

The Pre-Post

Mood Consultant Yara
Friday, 12:00Pm - Monday 5:00Am
Beirut, Hamra, The Liquor Coffee Store

The Pre-Post, worth every shot, every time. ⁣
The Vodka Package is joining us every weekend! Enjoy a bottle of vodka in or out of the store for a service fee of 50,000 L.L., brought down from 65,000 L.L., coupled with mixers and shared with as many friends as you like! Jagermeister 7,000 5,000 Golfschlager 6,000 4,500 Jager Bomb Shot 10,000 7,000
Baileys Shot 5,000 3,500 Tequila White 5,000 3,000 Tequila Gold 5,500 4,000
Smirnoff Red 4,500 3,000 Smirnoff Black 6,000 4,000 Bulleit RYE 7,000 5,000
Bulleit Bourbon 7,000 5,000 Black Lable Shot 7,000 5,000 Jameson Shot 5,500 4,000
Tanqueray Shot 5,000 3,500 Sambuca White 5,000 3,500 Sambuca Black 6,000 4,500
Captain Morgan Shot 5,000 3,500 Cazcabel Silver Shot 5,500 4,500 Hennessy V.S.O.P 13,000 10,000 Cazcabel Golf/Coffee 6,500 5,000 Euphoria Absinth 7,000 5,000 Absinth 5,000 3,500



Christmas in Action 2018

Beirut, Mar Mikhael, Trainstation

The Liquor Coffee Store is taking its bar to the biggest Christmas festival in Lebanon! by @in.action.events
Come join us at the Trainstation in Mar Mikhael from the 12th to the 16th of December!
This event marks itself as a special one in our hearts. Not only will you be enjoying your food, drinks, Christmas shopping and entertainment, you will be drinking for a cause. A cause with the goal of raising money for the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon whilst supporting local artists and designers of our beloved society. Participate in Christmas workshops. Enjoy musical programs throughout the entire festival. Let your kids play in a safe and fun environment. This festival is surely something for everyone and we can’t wait to see you there!

Safety First

At the LCS, one of our most prominent values is your safety, Uber thinks so as well. ⁣ ⁣
Every year more than 850 people die on the road in Lebanon, making car crashes the #1 cause of death, at night, for youth aged between 15 and 29. To tackle this issue @kunhadi.lebanon introduced a comprehensive initiative called Save The Night aiming to provide a safer nightlife environment as well as engaging youth in improving their communities. ⁣ ⁣ Kunhadi awarded the LCS with the "Save The Night Label" in July of 2018. We are proud and grateful to be part of such an endeavour that abides by the following:⁣
⁣ 1. Does not permit those under the age of 18 to enter.⁣
2. Ensure that the alcohol served is safe for consumption and not counterfeit.⁣
3. Replace alcohol with water for customers that are completely drunk.⁣
4. Have insurance for the customers in case of any inside accident.⁣
5. Venue contains fire extinguishers.⁣
6. Venue owns a first aid kit.⁣
7. Prevents loud music and sounds from bothering the neighbourhood.⁣
8. Have control cameras.⁣

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Our Values

We Never Close.
Bring your own food.
Free Water.

Our Vision

The Liquor Coffee Store is a modern, vibrant, eco friendly lounge that serves both coffee and liquor, separately or together. It opened with the aim of forming a community of people starting from our first branch in the middle of the buzzing Hamra neighborhood.

Our Mission

We hold the responsibility of serving goodness and free wifi to our people 24/7 as we never close: our trained Mood Consultants will help you with exactly what you need. Your pets are more than welcome in The Liquor Coffee Store, and you can bring your own food too. Guess what? ...Get the bottles of your choice at our drive-thru or have them delivered at your doorstep for the same price as the supermarket! The Liquor Coffee Store is where the popcorn flows and the good vibes spread, and where you can drop in anytime you want. Read more